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  Recently, “clearyour plate” campaign is more and more popular in society, which advocates saving against wasting. The campaign draws our attention to wasting on campus.Some students are noticed to throw away a lot of food in the canteen. As is often the case, some lights are still on with nobody in classrooms. What’s more, many a student spends much money buying unnecessary items. As far as Iam concerned, it’s high time that we fought against wasting. Here’re my suggestions. Firstly, I think our school should carry out various activities to arouse students’ awareness of saving. Secondly, relevant rules and regulations are supposed to be made to punish those who waste things. Most importantly, we should form the habit of saving from now. It is everybody’s duty to save resources.

  近日,“清洁你的盘子”行动在社会上越来越流行,提倡节约反对浪费。运动让我们注意到了校园浪费。一些学生发现扔掉很多食物在餐厅。通常情况下,一些灯还没人在教室。更重要的是,许多学生花很多钱购买不必要的物品。 至于我,那时候我们反对浪费。这里是我的建议。首先,我认为我们的学校应该开展各种活动,激发学生的节约意识。其次,相关法规应该惩罚那些浪费的事情。最重要的是,我们应该养成节约的习惯,从现在。节约资源是每个人的责任。


  cene, I suddenly feel that our life is so happy: have love my dad and mom, big house, school have the car shuttle...... Because the living conditions are good, so I do not develop the bad habit of saving food. Every meal will lose many of the cooked rice, do not eat do not mind, father and mother criticized me, I also find a lot of reasons to quibble. Thought of here, I feel very ashamed, I really should not! From now on, I must get rid of the disadvantages, saving every grain of rice, don't waste!


  Day, a handful of rice, the month festival a jin of grain. Everything Guizaijianchi, savings from the start bit by bit.


  Friends, let us take action, make a strength of their own, to form the good habit of saving from. Eat how much to eat much, do not throw the leftovers; in the restaurant to order to right amount, do not waste, not ostentatious and extravagant, if there is to be packaged to take home the remaining.


  The United Nations October 16th each year as world food day, is that we should save becomes self-conscious, become a habit.


  Saving is a virtue, is a responsibility. Students, let us join hands together, festival


  About every drop of oil, every grain of grain, so that our life will be richer, our motherland will become more thriving and prosperous!


  Don't know when to start, "CD" has been hyped on the network, the meaning of the disc, is have a meal to eat the food not a drop left. Since the "CD" has become social hot words, restaurants around the hotel CD rate is also improved.

  Have heard that the air of a food, today, my parents and I go to the great shop, we looked at the menu, one not careful has ordered six vegetables, chicken feet, pork ribs, duck tongue, bass, etc., mother said: "more points." Father said, "know, want to CD, eat packaging." First up is my favorite chicken feet, my saliva all is going to out, quickly learn a chopsticks, that's a little hot and sour taste is spreading at a draught, activate my taste buds. Ribs didn't down the first type, the second set is on the table again, looking at the delicious ribs, put in his mouth, the full-bodied with crisp sweet and sour ribs, so nice, really fun to the fullest. We ate with relish, until didn't anymore. Eat meal, we have packed 2 bowls of food: half of the sea bass and less than half dish Fried meat, the rest are done "CD". Look at the clean plates and the waiter gave me sent a small jpgt, a teddy bear, ha ha so cute.

  Came home in the evening, mother to packaged food to fry, fry the meat with garlic, bass and Fried, "CD" action, leftovers in our do, to eat very clean. CD is a virtue, is also a kind of responsibility, hopes to become our habits, CD discs action, I am very glorious.


  早就听说朝天店的美食,今天,我和爸爸妈妈一起去朝天店,我们看着菜单,一个不留神就点了六个菜,分别是凤爪、排骨、鸭舌鲈鱼等,妈妈说:“点多了。”爸爸说:“知道,要光盘,吃不完打包。”第一个上来的是我最喜欢凤爪,我的口水都快要流出来了,马上就一筷子吸取,那有点酸辣的味道一下子弥漫开来,激活我的味蕾。第一只凤爪还没下肚,第二盘排骨又上桌了,看着那色香味俱全的排骨,放在嘴里,那浓郁的酸甜裹着酥脆的排骨,太美味了,真让人爽到极点。我们津津有味地吃着,直到再也吃不下去了。饭吃完,我们共打包了2碗菜:半条鲈鱼和小半碟炒肉,其余也都做到了“光盘”。看着干干净净的盘子,服务员还给我发了小礼品,一个小熊,哈哈 好可爱。